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Access Advertising consists of a group of dedicated women striving to promote the businesses of other females in South Africa thereby allowing their businesses to excel and prosper. This also will create employment for other people and drive South Africa forward as a nation. We have recently created a new directory dedicated to the women of South Africa. The first Annual publication will be released on the 9th of August 2015. We proudly support South African women and we hope that you, as a female entrepreneur and a community member, will gain valuable information from our publication- “Professional Business Women of South Africa”. Our publication aims to encourage women to aspire to greater heights in the business world. We have recognized the positive impact that the efforts of women have made on our economy and in our workforce, hence we find it important to give them the recognition which they rightfully deserve. Using our directory will allow you to gain access to valuable Brand awareness and Recognition. The success of a person’s career depends on the strength of her network, her expertise, dedication, perseverance and her ability to build relationships. We wish to honour a number of women, business organisations, and businesses that recognise women in South Africa. Female-owned business networks are thriving and have never been more in demand as they are now. The reason for this is that most business women find that other women in the same position are their most effective form of support and inspiration. We look forward to working with all our clients, old and new, and being a partner in your ongoing and future success. Therefore, if you are at the forefront of your industry, get in touch with our advertising team and let us help you shout about it.

Vision Statement

Now is a great time to be a woman in business and to be a part of a strong and supportive networking group. We wish to symbolize excellence and inspiration, embracing women of all ages, cultures industries and professions. We are mentors, sharing experiences, challenges and wisdom and our aim is to contribute to creating a greater business community..

Mission Statement

To inspire business women and try our level best to evolve and embrace them. PBW of SA supports and celebrates the growth and success of all members. “Paying It Forward” is our philosophy; it entails the concept that if we have healthy women then we will have a healthy community. Respect, Development, Mentorship and Integrity are the core values of our team.


Our initial print run is 1000, delivered in September 2015 each year and is subject to a further print. Key advertisers receive complimentary directories when they place display adverts.


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