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By signing up with Access Advertising Contract or completing the sign up submission via the website, email or fax, the client agrees to and is bound by Access Advertising Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions.
All renewals are processed every twelve (12) Months.
All invoices are payable when invoice is issued.
Invoices will be issued and payable on all signed contracts via the website, email, or faxed authorizations.
Any reduced rate or pricing will be consented only by an accounts manager or finance manager

Any signed agreements or sign up submission via this website entered into between Access Advertising and the client cannot be cancelled by the client. If the client decides not to proceed with the agreement after the contract period, the clients need to serve Access Advertising with a written “Notice of Rescission” , in writing via fax on 2731-3032269 or email to : customercare@accessadz.co.za

Failure to do so will constitute a breach of contract and all costs will be liable to the client.
Payments will only be accepted through bank account.
No cash payments accepted.
Pay Pal payments are accepted .

Invoices will be issued within 7 business days upon signed contract or either a signed verification order via the website or contract sent by email or fax.

A late fee of up to 10 % of the outstanding invoice is payable on overdue invoices.
Access Advertising has a thirty day period for invoices to be paid.
Any changes to the website Terms and Conditions will be posted on the website.

No part of this website may be copied or reproduced without prior consent from Access Advertising, failure to do so will be in breach of copyright and legal action will be enforced.

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